Oklahoma City Family Divorce Lawyer

Collaborative Divorce

Some divorces are more difficult than others. While some escalate into no holds barred courtroom brawls, others have the potential to be resolved quickly and without issue. If your divorce is “on an agreed basis,” your Oklahoma City family lawyer can tell you if you can move forward with a collaborative divorce.

Our Divorce Lawyer Will Guide You Through the Process

During a collaborative divorce, both parties can work together to settle any and all disputes out of court. This is a much more civil process for divorce, without the exhausting stress and emotion of courtroom drama. It is also much more affordable, getting rid of courtroom costs and expensive lawyer hours spent prepping for trial. For these reasons, most good Oklahoma City divorce lawyers will advise that you at least try for a collaborative divorce before taking your case to court.

Our Oklahoma City Family Attorney is Experienced in Divorce Mediation

Our Oklahoma City collaborative divorce lawyers have years of experience helping couples through the divorce process in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. We put the focus on mediation and resolution, fostering a collaborative process that is, in the long run, less traumatic for both parties. If you think that collaborative divorce could be the right option for you, contact us to schedule a free consultation with an Oklahoma City family lawyer today.