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Modification of Child Support

Lives change every day. A career move or illness could change your financial situation at a moment’s notice. Even if the original terms of your child support agreement were ideal during your divorce, years later they could be either inadequate or impossible to meet. If this is your situation, you can move to modify your terms of child support.

Changing Terms for a Changing Life

Not every life change qualifies for a modification of child support. Still, quite a few do. For example, once your child turns 18, you have the option of requesting a termination of child support, since your child is now an adult who can be self sufficient. Other scenarios that could require a modification of child support are:

You cannot simply stop paying child support. You could be subject to some harsh penalties by the court, including an enforcement order where your wages and tax returns could be garnished until you have sufficiently paid back all of the support payments you owe. If your life’s circumstances have significantly changed, it is vital that you contact an Oklahoma City family lawyer to help you file for a modification of child support as soon as possible.

Oklahoma City’s Family Lawyer

Our Oklahoma City child support lawyers have handled many successful child support modification cases in Oklahoma City and surrounding counties. We will work hard to make sure that your children’s and your best interests are protected, whether you are fighting to increase the amount you receive or reduce the amount you pay. If you think you qualify for a modification of child support, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Oklahoma City family lawyer today.