Military Divorce

From the months and years spent away on deployment to the drastically different experiences of active duty and dependent life, a military marriage is different from anything else. Sometimes its challenges are overwhelming, and a divorce is the best answer. But just like the marriage, an Oklahoma military divorce can have unique concerns.

Divorce and the Military

If you are in the military and considering a divorce, you may have many questions. For example: how will you schedule visitation rights around long and unpredictable deployments? Will your divorce affect your pay rate, and how in turn will this affect any child support or alimony you may have to pay? Who has jurisdiction over your divorce if you are about to be stationed in another country? A good Oklahoma City military divorce lawyer can answer all of these questions and more.

Oklahoma City’s Family Lawyer

At our firm, our Oklahoma City family lawyers have successfully helped clients through many Oklahoma military divorce processes. We can help with mediation as well as courtroom litigation, and can even offer guidance and protection to you while you are deployed overseas. If you are considering a military divorce, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Oklahoma City family lawyer today.