Modification Alimony Oklahoma Attorney

As lives change, so do financial situations. Though your alimony settlement could be perfectly suitable when your divorce is first finalized, a sudden life change could render your settlement unacceptable at any moment. If this is your situation, contact an Oklahoma City family lawyer immediately to file for a modification of alimony.

Modified Alimony for a Modified Life

When you are going through your divorce, it is most likely the court that will assign a reasonable measure of alimony to be paid from one spouse to the other. But when a substantial change in your life’s circumstances makes that measure no longer reasonable, the court can rule on an increase or decrease in alimony payments. Some changes that can lead to a change in alimony include:


When the finances of either you or your spouse change drastically, it is not up to you to change the terms of alimony on your own. You must formally file a motion for a modification of alimony. A good Oklahoma City alimony lawyer can guide you through the process, filing the appropriate paperwork and building a solid case for you to defend your position before the court.

Oklahoma City’s Family Lawyer

At our firm, our Oklahoma City alimony lawyers have years of experience settling alimony modification disputes from both sides of the issue. Whether you are fighting to receive more alimony or to pay out less, a good lawyer is vital to ensure that your case is presented fairly and that your best interests are met. If you are considering alimony modification, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Oklahoma City family lawyer today.