Oklahoma City Family Divorce Lawyer

Contempt of Court

When you get married, you enter into a contract of rules and guidelines. Similarly, a divorce also comes with rules and guidelines of its own. If you fail to adhere to these rules, you could be found “in contempt of court.” This is a charge with potentially serious consequences. If you or your spouse has failed to meet any terms of your divorce, contact a skilled Oklahoma City family lawyer immediately.

Protection through Enforcement

Court orders made during a divorce may involve child support, custody, alimony, or even restraining orders, and are meant to protect the well-being of both spouses. When your spouse or ex-spouse fails to comply with any of these orders, your family lawyer can help you have the order formally enforced through a contempt charge. If a judge agrees that your spouse is in contempt of the order, he or she could be subject to penalties such as fines, wage garnishment, or even jail time.

Sometimes, however, you could be doing your best but still find yourself hit with a contempt charge. You might have had unavoidable reasons for missing an alimony payment or a scheduled visitation. We know that you shouldn’t have to face charges for things that were out of your control. If you are facing a contempt of court charge, we will build a solid case to defend your freedom.

Our Oklahoma City Family Lawyer is Experienced with Contempt Trials

Our Oklahoma City contempt of court lawyers have successfully represented clients from both sides of contempt trials. If your spouse is failing to meet his or her responsibilities, or if you are being held in contempt, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Oklahoma City family lawyer today.